Authentic Human

As a company, as merchants, as people,
we strive for authenticity from a foundation of sincerity and trust.


C.E.O. / AMAN Co., Ltd.

Masahiko Fujii

Put your heart into your job
and continue trying!

“I want to find attractive brands that are not known to the Japanese people and introduce them to the Japanese market!” It was with this dream in my heart at 30 that I founded the company. I had inadequate funding and no network to speak of, but I moved forward through trial and error. I walked around villages and towns in Italy to discover these hidden gems. I knocked on the door of each brand and asked them to leave the sales of their products in Japan to me. What I had was passion. I did not have any achievements to show and I could not speak Italian so well. The only way for me to win their trust was to express my true passion for them.

It’s been 10 years since I founded the company and we have gradually expanded our business, making a new start as AMAN Co., Ltd. in 2002. Through these years, we have maintained the spirit of continuing to try our best even as the business expanded. This spirit is something we want for our new employees to possess as well. I went through a lot of trial and error to come this far, so I want my employees to continue trying and not worry about failures. This, I believe firmly, leads to even greater strengths. AMAN Co., Ltd. respects employees’ ideas and individualities, and we are looking forward to seeing people who are eager to try their best with us.

Born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University College of Economics.
After experiencing sales & marketing at an apparel trading company, he founded GLAMOUR Co., Ltd. in 1990.
After establishing AMAN Co., Ltd. in 2002, he merged GLAMOUR Co., Ltd. with AMAN Co., Ltd.
He established AMAN Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2012.

His hobbies are traveling and playing golf.