18. 06. 21

“Rivieras“ POP-UP STORE is coming at GINZA SIX!!

This event will be held from June 27th till July 24th at Pop-up space, 4th floor of GINZA SIX. We will suggest exclusive Kids’ size, GINZA SIX model, Saint James collaboration pairs, bag, hat, beach towel, besides various models between basic to seasonal and some new collection, Mens and Womens.
And, you could get one Rivieras’ original bandana if you buy over 10,800yen(tax included). We look forward to your visit.

Rivieras is…
Rivieras was created in 2009 around one flagship product; a chic and laidback cloth loafer. Now recognized as a classic, the Rivieras loafer distinguishes itself by its simplicity and goes along with any style: right or left, pro or anti.
The brand’s Classic collection propose a range of three different variations, called 10°, 20° and 30°, from low to high ventilation according to the season.
Alongside the classic design, Rivieras has introduced new colors, fabrics and materials.

[Rivieras POP-UP STORE]
Date:June 27th ~ July 24th
Address:6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • Saint James Aber
    11,880yen(tax in)

  • Saint James Calanque
    11,880yen(tax in)

  • GINZA-SIX-Blanc
    19,440yen(tax in)

  • GINZA-SIX-Marine
    19,440yen(tax in)

  • Amalfi-Vert
    12,960yen(tax in)

  • Classic20°-Marine
    9,720yen(tax in) / Kids-9,504yen(tax in)

  • Classic20°-Rouge
    9,720yen(tax in)

  • Classic30°-Noir
    9,720yen(tax in)

  • College-Rouge
    11,880yen(tax in)

  • Mods-London
    14,040yen(tax in)

  • Montecristi-Blanc
    12,960yen(tax in)

  • Jean-Cactus
    14,040yen(tax in)

  • Palm-print-Honolulu
    10,800yen(tax in)

  • Recif-Bleu
    11,880yen(tax in) / Kids-10,584yen(tax in)

  • Recif-Orange
    11,880yen(tax in) / Kids-10,584yen(tax in)

  • Tour-du-Monde-France
    Kids-9,504yen(tax in)(※Kidsのみ)